speechlessly the idiot faced the crowd

Tonight I felt like saying things in a slightly different way, but it turns out that I have paying work to do and so all I have to offer is this unfinished image. I realize it does not really have what one would call a central focus, which is not necessarily a fault, but I have not yet decided whether I need one or not:

Wildlife (in progress)
Wildlife (in progress)

The original is 6000 pixels wide onscreen, so I thought I’d be nice and not try to overwhelm your monitor with the whole thing, but below is a detail at full size. I will probably work a little to soften some of the edges. Otherwise, I have a few things in mind that I still want to add to break up the monotony a little but it is always fun editing large images on a 15″ laptop. Yes I would love a bigger monitor. Stay tuned for the tip jar! Here is the closeup:

Wildlife detail
Wildlife detail

You can see a larger version here, but this still is quite a bit smaller than the original. I sometimes wish that I could line my walls with glowing lcd screens because I have always found their luminosity especially fascinating in a way that old CRT screens just never did it for me, you know?

The working title is “wildlife.” Beyond this I cannot tell you any more about what it will look like when “finished” because I myself do not know. I work intuitively most of the time and rarely plan out work like this in advance. In fact, when I do plan them out in advance is usually when I get the poorest results, so whether or not there is method to my madness, there is at least sometimes a sense of direction and that uncanny feeling you get when you know it is time to stop. I have not reached that point with this piece yet.


Just to keep the political fires fanned, here are a few links for you:

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