sort of like you know I’m not sure but definitely I will think about it yes

I found this at How to Make Money Writing Poetry (Part One):

  1. Always use keyword research when you are writing material that you will use to draw traffic or to make money online.
  2. Use Keyword Research to select your blog niche, blog title and blog URL. Preferably you want to select popular AND profitable keyword terms.
  3. Use keyword research to select blog topic posts and write blog posts or poems based on profitable and popular keywords.
  4. If you already have a collection of poems for your blog posts package them such that they fall into a profitable keyword niche.
  5. Make sure you include the main keyword at the beginning of the title of your blog post (so that it will show in the URL of the blog post) e.g. A Sad Love Poem by Your Name: Love Lost. Keep in mind that for branding purposes, keyword research and search engine optimization, the poem niche and your name are more important than the title of the poem.
  6. Make sure that you include your main keyword in the body of your blog post and in the tags. You should also try to include related popular keywords.

Some backstory:

I am doing a research project. It is really the same one it has always been and it is not particularly distinct from any of the other concrete things that I work on but it may have been for instance my primary topic of academic writing if I had kept to a course in which academic writing was the sort of writing I was doing but since I am not so much writing of academic pieces even though everything I do write would have been impossible to write without having for a long time been an academic and without still being more or less in study more or less all of the time this research project is not precisely an academic research project but it is not precisely not one either.

The topic, broadly, could be put this way:

What the fuck.
I mean.
What. The. Fuck.

I could spend some time detailing the many contexts in which I so often say or read or hear about this approximate topic but I do not know that I could do this adequately in fewer than 5000 words and I am not up to 5000 words today and besides it would take at least 10,000 to really explore all the genres of what the fuck. So this is but a bare outline of where my own overburdened incredulity has led me up to this point:

I am looking at the colonization of Europe by specific human species and groups starting around 45,000 years or so ago through the fall of the Roman Empire and the Christian conquest of what is often called paganism. I am looking at the development of the idea of individuality in Europe and the Americas. I am looking at the geneaology of dualistic structures in mainly European and USian traditions of thought and inquiry. I am looking at USian psychiatry’s approach to diagnosis and treatment of “mental disorders” and I am looking at whatever relationships might suggest themselves between cultural trauma and abusive child-rearing philosophies.

I am also trying to track my own family’s history in the US and in Europe at so many times and places I have no hope of putting anything in narrative order. I am looking at USian imagery and discourse on disability, responsibility, and productivity. I am looking at the broad spectrum of outcomes of treating the designated symptoms of PTSD with neuroleptics, mood stabilizers, SSRIs, SNRIs, novel antidepressants, anticonvulsants, stimulants, and whatever else might be deemed possibly beneficial.

I am also looking at what I think I see as a tendency in disciplines practicing the scientific method toward reductive haste and over-confident explanation and investigating ensuing patterns of having repeatedly to recognize greater complexity in observing and theorizing empirical reality.

So. You know.

Over the weekend I decided to try to read one of the many texts I have been accumulating on these and related subjects only to find that once again I had to stop after less than ten pages and go write.

I say once again because this has been happening with greater and greater frequency over I would reckon the last two or three years. Maybe longer but I think in 2010 I could still finish a book-length academic text and in fact did so although I am not sure which one because I have completely lost track of what I have started to read and what I have read all the way through and what I am in the middle of and what I have put down because I was sleepy or exasperated or disgusted or curious about cited sources or excited about curious sources or so energized that I had to go take a five-mile walk.

And so I went to write. And I can even say that I was successful at least to the degree that I did indeed write even to the point of finishing a section of unDiaGnosed or that is writing enough on it that I was reasonably willing to post it for public consumption and so did just that.

I do not know what I am going to try to do next but it will probably be a response to this growing hunch that it is time to write and that if I try to do other than write I am probably going to be frustrated and depressed and cranky and unbearable even and especially to myself.

And although I do write because I cannot not write or that is when I write it often is the case that not writing was not so much an option I also do write in hopes that someone will read what has been written and find it appealing or useful or amusing or not a complete waste of time and because this has happened before I do actively search for readers although “actively” is sometimes of necessity not particularly active-looking to anyone not familiar with the way I am put together and sometimes that anyone includes myself.

But so the SEO Poetry tips were the result of a Google search looking for suggestions on how to broaden one’s online audience and of nearly everything they say one should do there is almost no chance that I will do any of it except maybe ponder some basic web user interface problems which I have historically tossed to the winds because I was not really trying to make things easy to find and certainly not trying to create descriptive links and in fact usually wanted you to have no idea what a given link would produce when clicked. I think though that I might have to make a concession or two at least for the purposes of providing clear paths to anyone who might actually be trying to find a thing because they want to read it. On the other other hand this thing that I write that might be a blog but is sporadic and without direction although I am not all that interested in furnishing it with any particular sense of direction I would like it to be somewhat less sporadic in some way that might actually render me able to pull off something like a change in direction for the collection of writing sites that are nominally mine and that I consider active even if I have not posted in two years on at least one of them.

Something might happen here is what I almost mean to say. I do not know what. I do not know if anything at all will happen but if say I were to find energy enough and to enjoy any period of what they call productivity at all I would like to try a couple of things. None of them are SEO poetry.

Unless they are. Because I did stop in my rush to make fun of the How to Make Money Writing Poetry (Part One) tips and wondered what it might be like actually to follow these tips without following them. Or to take them as occasions for making something they probably were not trying to help me put together. Because when it comes to cultural subversion I am pretty much about straight-on perversity or certainly what usually results is abruptly orthogonal even to what I think I am trying to do.

What I mean is that I do not think I will be writing ironic SEO poetry not just because irony has been chewing on its own tail for so long now that it has practically devoured the distance from itself that it requires of itself but more because I still do best at associational perversity. I may forget about SEO poetry altogether and make no response at all but I am still going to think about it. Or something else.


Kickstart One Last Ditch videos! Soon!

Over at I am trying to contain my anticipation as I launch my Kickstarter project to fund turning the rest of the book into video. Keep an eye on things over there.

Um. Please. If you don’t mind.

greasing the wheel

So I’m getting all hepped up about NaBloPoMo which actually I think resulted in my deciding to publish a book last year so I think it would be a good idea to try it again this year and see what happens (the book is not out yet, in case you were wondering where—or what—it was).

nablopomo 2009 Banner

Lately I have been working on the possibility of abstract poetry/prose taken beyond what Gertrude Stein did with it but it is not clear to me exactly what direction to go in so I am doing a few experiments. I might try some keyboard stuff here for the month or I might just write my usual kind of abstracty stuff and I may go off on a rant or two but I think I have mostly decided that I am not all that interested in writing a ranty blog and so instead I am writing an artsy blog that is more or less focused on words and what they might be able to do. images sometimes and in fact one of my current experiments is photographic so my first post may be a link to flickr. Yeah I should have my own photo gallery and once upon a time I was even going to code it myself but then I finished my degree and suddenly found myself having to earn a living by doing something more than reading and writing, which I still do. So teaching and editing sometimes get in the way of my ongoing self-education in all things computer.

So this is just a preliminary post. Not the real thing. If this were a real post it would have some substance. I might, though, get going with this before the first of November, to try to work out some sort of rhythm before the race begins.

And I suppose I’ll take down last year’s banner now. Ask me about the Christmas lights I bought two years ago that are still in the Walgreens bag in the corner of the livingroom. If I ever get them put up, they are staying up the rest of my life.

more blogs what to read

this post is to list a bunch of additional links that are headed for the blogroll sorta type list of links over on the right; the one that needs a new graphic under them: one that doesn’t stop in the middle of everything.

angry black bitch
having read the fine print
BrownFemiPower archives
flip flopping joy–the newest BrownFemiPower blog
angry indian
field negro
the unapologetic mexican
the silence of our friends

One might wonder why, in my blog that has recently turned a corner to be almost exclusively poetry and other artsy sort of undertakings should link to so many political blogs, and to so many political blogs by people of color.

The short reason is because I am not a very good political blogger, and although I have many thoughts about global ethics they tend to come out in more abstract forms within my own prose because I am a theory wonk and because the I think about things within approximately the same linguistic field I use to write about them. Most of these blogs write in a different register, one that I’m not particularly good at. The other part of the short reason is that I struggle on a daily basis more with how to convince myself to keep body and soul more or less tied together than I do with overtly political matters, except where those matters intersect: queer politics, for instance, or the political ramifications of psychological disability are things that I feel qualified to write about on the basis of personal experience. When it comes to racial and economic critique, though, my experience and knowledge are generally underdeveloped. So I refer you to other people whose personal involvement with these things makes them valuable reads for anyone interested in social and economic justice.

The other somewhat more involved reason I link to these blogs is that I think that as a white guy who is interested in moving towards tackling the racism inherent in the US and other spawn of the era of European imperialism and their many spheres of influence, I think that one of the most important things for white folks to do, if they are at all concerned with repairing an almost hopelessly broken system, is to be quiet and listen to the experiences of those who have been under the thumb of Anglo-American imperialism now for hundreds of years, and so rather than pontificating on this subject myself, I refer my readers to places where they can get the straight dope. On occasion I might have something to add from the only perspective I can lend, but oftentimes the blogs I list say what I’m thinking better and more effectively.

I may change my own emphasis at some point in the future, but for now I am deeply involved in writing poetry and autobiography from the point of view of whatever it is that I am (transsexual female-to-something-vaguely-masculine, socially and psychologically maladjusted and addicted to things best left unmentioned, inarticulate in anything but raging against the machine in my own way, white person usually taken for a guy. Mainly. I think.) so that is probably what most of my writing will be for the next little while. Except that I do have have a couple of stories to relate but not in this post.

The above links will eventually move over to the list. I just wanted to record them here so I could close some tabs because they were getting entirely out of hand.

Mission Street poetry thursday, friday, saturday night

as long as hail is not pouring out of the sky tonight and through the weekend, I will be out on Mission Street reading at the spots indicated on the map in my venue post from last week. I will aim for 9ish in the evening until bar traffic trickles to an end at whatever point after 2am that happens. I will also aim to be at the Wells Fargo at 22nd the whole time, save runs home for warmth and other necessities. all it takes to get people to stop are one or two other people who’ve stopped. so do Stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

opening night review

Here is a follow up on the threat to read out on Mission Street this weekend. The short story is I read out for about three and a half hours on Saturday night, made enough money to get ridiculously excited about but not enough to really buy anything, and had fun making a spectacle of myself.

It was a bit chilly for San Francisco–near 40F–so I did have to bundle up a bit and at one point I ran back home to shove some warm food in me and then ran back out, but given that I like standing around in the cold, I was quite happy. If you do much outdoor anything, then you know about the people who make hand and toe and other body part warmers, but I’ll just add that putting one handwarmer in each front jeans pocket is a good way to keep your whole body warm. With warm clothing, yes, but putting heat on those femoral veins running back up into your upper body is really effective at keeping it warm from inside out.

Weather permitting I will do this again next weekend, both Friday and Saturday nights if I don’t wear myself out too much. I am tired today and I think that might be a little adrenaline letdown. Performing is always a bit of a strain, even when your audience doesn’t even stand still and stare at you. I’ll stick to the spots outlined in the venue post; if you cannot see the map embedded on the page, you can go directly to google maps and take a look. I liked the Wells Fargo atrium the best: breeze protection, lots of light, and quiet enough to read without losing my voice while busy enough to get a little attention. At one point the night guard walked past me to let himself into the bank and nothing happened so apparently he’s okay with me there. We’ll see if that holds.

I am also trying to get a book of poetry published, but that is a whole other topic, or at least half another one. I’m only just getting started with inquiries, so it is too early to say much else about it. Maybe I can make enough from a published book to buy a crepe at Ti Couz.