Kickstarter project: we have achieved liftoff!

One Last Ditch: the movie.s. has been launched at Kickstarter! I have 45 days to reach my funding goal so that I can start making non-pixelated videos–or at least, when I want them to be non-pixelated–in October or so. Please go visit and please consider funding more poetry videos, for whatever reason compels you to support poetic and visual art. I have my own reasons, but they may not be yours: I am trying to find my own voice in order to speak up for life experiences that are not necessarily considered “normal” in American culture in the twenty first century. I know that hearing and seeing others who were considered freaks in their own milieux helped me to find reasons to stay alive when I was young and terribly unhappy, and although I do not propose to go into this to save lives, I do know the power of images and language when used well. I only hope to use them well and for the forces of life and the forces of love.

And it’s fun, besides. :)

If you wish to bookmark the page (but pledge soon, because 45 days is not as long as it sounds!), use this url: –it’s much easier to remember than the long Kickstarter url.


sag mir was das war

topo one oh four

topo one oh four

sedimented against garroted mounts
iterate rheumatic warbirds although surely
defects are signal wishes
archaic riots

mythologized in race worn altitudes
reciprocate and let serial hatred
air their tangled embankments
sans terror
drift under early it’s noon
even now but later if convicts knead
addled urine flecked mud
itself caked hidden green ester woven
of rife ferns
enter now

internal crises have made idols crane hard
guests eat
despite untoward caterwauls kept tacitly

again greet me if rainy weather attends
so daring a soldier waits
at rest

the myth of representationalism

The Myth of Representationalism

The Myth of Representationalism

sanitation engineers poke at dying embers left in the street or the broken stone embryology failed to account for the strings of epochs blown in burial notices

standing expertly amid your country of origin
dwindling trinkets burst defiled or gutted for intentions if you would tunnel aghast and scandalous.

a lexicon falters from skinned knees
expanded under the laws of torque applied stridently unknowing
sold not to she who carries sufficient arms
and coasting bridges but darker shelter in winter
there before sea stacks in red rock glyphed
with stark dregs
lest catacombs issue in direct song
reckon on powdered ledgers
mockingbirds kingfishers voles dragonflies
ten thousand worlds
at profligate solvency

you’ll depict cracked earth begrudgingly
while underfoot
clandestine velocity thunders unchecked

he pulls his punches or entertains seditious villages declining in sync
dank leeway covets uncelebrated yield
lie mistaken daily accompanied side to side
I could have died yet brazenly mystified
resolve enters briefly
panned and teary-eyed

lost reserve an entire brigade swings wide
fiery oxygen-borne
eyes closed
scattered flickers
careening holocene
stilted lean
soundtrack stricken
dusted stake
silver thickens stirred sentience
crucibles totter restive lake

one strike?
gratuitous arc.

a lesser light

blue zephyr

blue zephyr

rigged gingerly a torn leaf
peal or pleasantly yelp ink
of your quarter-toned rustic curses
detonate ingrained turquoise purses
mischief curls trenchantly and kind
a palliative leap over land and sea
vent your torpor veiled in valerian tea

the chase was rotted leaden distilled

natal proton devil eyed
ravens appeal to riparian seeds
frankly scattered chants under fiefdoms
acquainted to rainy tonnage and squalls
ache with tranquil cisterns rending tripping
salty and silent
never vary or linger

curtains may trap you febrile
and vapor stunted prattle fends up maps or a stain
straightforward stupor lept outstretched
muddled strings why repast spells rain
rapidly made brittle versus noumenous scar

avidly laurels limp venerable
damnable traces in terraced slats
liquid raster violent cherubs laugh
notoriously gaunt rings interred
stack deleterious tattered wharf rats
nepal pending voracious
seduced livid talons
tangled archive

sip dusty crystalline needle rimmed

portable villainous art for rapt jailers
eviscerate appalled droves vital limbs–slaked felon
will fashion lucky furred hymns
tournament returns burning graphic
no kin in stasis
sainted ermine treads alone
guarded pale granite worn

types at flies

types at flies

types at flies

listing on the port side sliding
past bergs two thirds unknown I have heard
wait here at length you will be along
the rail head bent to trace a line
to the vanishing point five feet distant
silhouettes against a heaven red with hints
of release in silver flashing
its menace at arms innocent and prone
to attacks of doubt
drove an entire school from circling
the black figure under a full moon
drew our eyes skyward
shooting rockets flared
into particles of flame returning to earth
is never as straightforward as might be thought.

a practiced nightmare.
couriers at full gallop.
crouched tipping a tin cup into the remnant of rainwater
secured us against thirst.
drosophilia living in a glass jar.
gracefully angling across a minute expanse.
no longer veiled rage
pulled round your shoulders a wool moth-eaten blanket.
a bold maneuver stakes shivering
rheumatic joints arrived naked and scarred.
stereotyped behavior driven in a standard
set of feral gestures
at a rock cairn indicating our destination.

iron filings.
ionic or
a sea change sundered.

directories do not begin to comprehend
the destiny of your soul considered
five seals or seven.
falsified evidence.
diverse litanies written in brittle cadence.
trouble sulked crestfallen
soldiered benignly

refraining from content or pointing at weathermen

large red small

large red small

a car dealership closes on fourteenth street disgusted but clamoring for starry-eyed decorous lechery crisply ushered into red blaring sirened silence. cavernous swell you toss coins excoriated rumors due north northeast duly noted deep chested my heart’s rhythm jumpy since we scrambled ten of us fifty of them the once bustling square in cities tenderfaced and broken.

drifting on the ice mailboxes in peril but only kissed lightly so we turned and returned until june’s hail and lightning made the hair on my arms stand on end. franz marc foreordained. notice words leaned heavily filigreed scaffolding with coffee for unemployed engineers.

first trace. first center with wheat or feathered earth crumbling orbit decayed and toothsome. fastened recreated bulleted and justified right where light makes night and snakes through embankments of leather unencumbered.

ribald showers underscored with shadowy pieces of shattered knifeblades entrenched between concrete and coldpress fibered glass. you’ll not find wharves until flashing terraces floresce at the meeting of sun and moraine.

what I meant was culpability or basal metabolism. you there: heretic clad deftly left of pneumatic traumas or plated temples at least at last slated and labile. trance iron etched remnants still writing. pugilist. tarnished. drapes counting and tipsy. shred monotony. dash smartly east with impending fog.

one last ditch.