Kickstarter project: we have achieved liftoff!

One Last Ditch: the movie.s. has been launched at Kickstarter! I have 45 days to reach my funding goal so that I can start making non-pixelated videos–or at least, when I want them to be non-pixelated–in October or so. Please go visit and please consider funding more poetry videos, for whatever reason compels you to support poetic and visual art. I have my own reasons, but they may not be yours: I am trying to find my own voice in order to speak up for life experiences that are not necessarily considered “normal” in American culture in the twenty first century. I know that hearing and seeing others who were considered freaks in their own milieux helped me to find reasons to stay alive when I was young and terribly unhappy, and although I do not propose to go into this to save lives, I do know the power of images and language when used well. I only hope to use them well and for the forces of life and the forces of love.

And it’s fun, besides. :)

If you wish to bookmark the page (but pledge soon, because 45 days is not as long as it sounds!), use this url: –it’s much easier to remember than the long Kickstarter url.


Kickstart One Last Ditch videos! Soon!

Over at I am trying to contain my anticipation as I launch my Kickstarter project to fund turning the rest of the book into video. Keep an eye on things over there.

Um. Please. If you don’t mind.

internet reading starts soon

That is I read on the internet all the time but soon I am going to post videos of myself reading out loud to the internet: by April 10 I should have posted the first of a series of readings from One Last Ditch at the book’s blog, I do not know exactly how often I will produce these videos but I am going to aim for a ten to fourteen day cycle. This should give me something to do for awhile. The gods know I need something else to do!

Keep an eye on and I will also post notices here and there around the places I hang out these days.

Reduction–a video with script

I keep forgetting to blog. I am going to try to stop forgetting and do things like this more often instead: here is a video of me reading a new, um, thing, currently entitled “Reduction.” Below the frame you’ll see the actual words to the reading part, not the rambling introduction part. I suggest not reading them until after you have listened to it as this piece, more than others, is quite different when read aloud than when read on the page, unless you somehow intuit what I am doing here and know exactly how to adjust your intonation.

If by chance this turns out to be true, I’d appreciate a comment or an email that explains in great detail what I am doing because after writing this I found there were a few passages whose raison d’ĂȘtre I had forgotten. Not that that matters terribly, but since I wrote it I’d kind of like to understand a little more about why which word went where.

I hope you enjoy it whether or not you can figure out whatever there is to figure out. I do think it is entirely possible to enjoy it without knowing precisely what is going on in it.

Here’s what I’m reading:

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my life in public restrooms

This is the story of a man who subscribed to more social networking websites than he could keep up with. Two months without an Official Blog Post! The blog-a-day spirit of November didn’t even last me through the month of November. What are we to do?

I suppose a post might be a good place to start. This is me reading an excerpt from my autobiography, which is still in the making and will probably remain that way for at least a few more years. First though, in case anyone reading this does not already know, I will soon have a published volume of, um, prosetry out, from a real publisher. That is all I am going to make public here, though. It should be out by the end of the year I think but I am not certain. Any more and I will jinx the whole thing so details will be forthcoming just not now.

Here, though, is a video to point and stare at: