Kickstarter project: we have achieved liftoff!

One Last Ditch: the movie.s. has been launched at Kickstarter! I have 45 days to reach my funding goal so that I can start making non-pixelated videos–or at least, when I want them to be non-pixelated–in October or so. Please go visit and please consider funding more poetry videos, for whatever reason compels you to support poetic and visual art. I have my own reasons, but they may not be yours: I am trying to find my own voice in order to speak up for life experiences that are not necessarily considered “normal” in American culture in the twenty first century. I know that hearing and seeing others who were considered freaks in their own milieux helped me to find reasons to stay alive when I was young and terribly unhappy, and although I do not propose to go into this to save lives, I do know the power of images and language when used well. I only hope to use them well and for the forces of life and the forces of love.

And it’s fun, besides. :)

If you wish to bookmark the page (but pledge soon, because 45 days is not as long as it sounds!), use this url: –it’s much easier to remember than the long Kickstarter url.


Kickstart One Last Ditch videos! Soon!

Over at I am trying to contain my anticipation as I launch my Kickstarter project to fund turning the rest of the book into video. Keep an eye on things over there.

Um. Please. If you don’t mind.

another letter

I want to write letters. Dear Michael. Dear Richard. Dear Patti.
I have written the last one already but it is possible to write a thing more than once and sustain the same sort of sense while varying the precise wording each time.

We share approximate cultural milieux although different social circles although the two intersect and often at multiple points but this is not to say that I have made my way into very many of the social circles that I might have set my sights upon for whatever reasons and there are plenty of reasons to want to be a part of this or that although there are also for me a variety of reasons why going here or there terrifies me so I do not leave my room.
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as if

I think I am going to try writing here as though I had readers, to see if the spaced age sages are right and that if you make a place for something it will appear.

This one, though, will be short and prosaic but the sort of thing one would want to tell one’s readers if one had readers so I am going to tell you all that I am writing music again and have most recently put up eriktrips’ debut track “I Remember Will,” which can be found at both and at for auditioning.

A word about the mix: the vocals are quiet because that is how I have always done vocals. The words really, honestly, are not important; I am much more interested in texture and melody. I guess this means I won’t ever be a pop star but what can you do. Contrariness is deeply ingrained in my nature. Or my nurture. Or somewhere in between.

The other thing I am going to advertise in this little, um, advertisement, is the ever-bated-breath with which I await the final final galleys for my book, One Last Ditch. I have created an “author” page for myself on facebook (I am not sure if I could have chosen “writer,” but I will try to change it if possible, given that the author is beginning to smell quite ripe at this point), which is where I will put news of things like actual book releases, readings, photo opportunities, and other occasions for plugging my sorry version of poetry. And it is sorry. Not sorry, but sorry.

You know.

Carry on.