a lesser light

blue zephyr
blue zephyr

rigged gingerly a torn leaf
peal or pleasantly yelp ink
of your quarter-toned rustic curses
detonate ingrained turquoise purses
mischief curls trenchantly and kind
a palliative leap over land and sea
vent your torpor veiled in valerian tea

the chase was rotted leaden distilled

natal proton devil eyed
ravens appeal to riparian seeds
frankly scattered chants under fiefdoms
acquainted to rainy tonnage and squalls
ache with tranquil cisterns rending tripping
salty and silent
never vary or linger

curtains may trap you febrile
and vapor stunted prattle fends up maps or a stain
straightforward stupor lept outstretched
muddled strings why repast spells rain
rapidly made brittle versus noumenous scar

avidly laurels limp venerable
damnable traces in terraced slats
liquid raster violent cherubs laugh
notoriously gaunt rings interred
stack deleterious tattered wharf rats
nepal pending voracious
seduced livid talons
tangled archive

sip dusty crystalline needle rimmed

portable villainous art for rapt jailers
eviscerate appalled droves vital limbs–slaked felon
will fashion lucky furred hymns
tournament returns burning graphic
no kin in stasis
sainted ermine treads alone
guarded pale granite worn

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