the myth of representationalism

The Myth of Representationalism
The Myth of Representationalism

sanitation engineers poke at dying embers left in the street or the broken stone embryology failed to account for the strings of epochs blown in burial notices

standing expertly amid your country of origin
dwindling trinkets burst defiled or gutted for intentions if you would tunnel aghast and scandalous.

a lexicon falters from skinned knees
expanded under the laws of torque applied stridently unknowing
sold not to she who carries sufficient arms
and coasting bridges but darker shelter in winter
there before sea stacks in red rock glyphed
with stark dregs
lest catacombs issue in direct song
reckon on powdered ledgers
mockingbirds kingfishers voles dragonflies
ten thousand worlds
at profligate solvency

you’ll depict cracked earth begrudgingly
while underfoot
clandestine velocity thunders unchecked

he pulls his punches or entertains seditious villages declining in sync
dank leeway covets uncelebrated yield
lie mistaken daily accompanied side to side
I could have died yet brazenly mystified
resolve enters briefly
panned and teary-eyed

lost reserve an entire brigade swings wide
fiery oxygen-borne
eyes closed
scattered flickers
careening holocene
stilted lean
soundtrack stricken
dusted stake
silver thickens stirred sentience
crucibles totter restive lake

one strike?
gratuitous arc.

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