greasing the wheel

So I’m getting all hepped up about NaBloPoMo which actually I think resulted in my deciding to publish a book last year so I think it would be a good idea to try it again this year and see what happens (the book is not out yet, in case you were wondering where—or what—it was).

nablopomo 2009 Banner

Lately I have been working on the possibility of abstract poetry/prose taken beyond what Gertrude Stein did with it but it is not clear to me exactly what direction to go in so I am doing a few experiments. I might try some keyboard stuff here for the month or I might just write my usual kind of abstracty stuff and I may go off on a rant or two but I think I have mostly decided that I am not all that interested in writing a ranty blog and so instead I am writing an artsy blog that is more or less focused on words and what they might be able to do. images sometimes and in fact one of my current experiments is photographic so my first post may be a link to flickr. Yeah I should have my own photo gallery and once upon a time I was even going to code it myself but then I finished my degree and suddenly found myself having to earn a living by doing something more than reading and writing, which I still do. So teaching and editing sometimes get in the way of my ongoing self-education in all things computer.

So this is just a preliminary post. Not the real thing. If this were a real post it would have some substance. I might, though, get going with this before the first of November, to try to work out some sort of rhythm before the race begins.

And I suppose I’ll take down last year’s banner now. Ask me about the Christmas lights I bought two years ago that are still in the Walgreens bag in the corner of the livingroom. If I ever get them put up, they are staying up the rest of my life.

2 thoughts on “greasing the wheel”

  1. …yes? they are blue and white and I bought them for my room so as to add a touch of sparkly warmth, not necessarily because it was “the season” but because I felt I needed sparkly warmth. I still could use some, but it’s never the right time to bring out the hammer and tacks to put them up. now, for instance, my housemate is sleeping.

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