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this post is to list a bunch of additional links that are headed for the blogroll sorta type list of links over on the right; the one that needs a new graphic under them: one that doesn’t stop in the middle of everything.

angry black bitch
having read the fine print
BrownFemiPower archives
flip flopping joy–the newest BrownFemiPower blog
angry indian
field negro
the unapologetic mexican
the silence of our friends

One might wonder why, in my blog that has recently turned a corner to be almost exclusively poetry and other artsy sort of undertakings should link to so many political blogs, and to so many political blogs by people of color.

The short reason is because I am not a very good political blogger, and although I have many thoughts about global ethics they tend to come out in more abstract forms within my own prose because I am a theory wonk and because the I think about things within approximately the same linguistic field I use to write about them. Most of these blogs write in a different register, one that I’m not particularly good at. The other part of the short reason is that I struggle on a daily basis more with how to convince myself to keep body and soul more or less tied together than I do with overtly political matters, except where those matters intersect: queer politics, for instance, or the political ramifications of psychological disability are things that I feel qualified to write about on the basis of personal experience. When it comes to racial and economic critique, though, my experience and knowledge are generally underdeveloped. So I refer you to other people whose personal involvement with these things makes them valuable reads for anyone interested in social and economic justice.

The other somewhat more involved reason I link to these blogs is that I think that as a white guy who is interested in moving towards tackling the racism inherent in the US and other spawn of the era of European imperialism and their many spheres of influence, I think that one of the most important things for white folks to do, if they are at all concerned with repairing an almost hopelessly broken system, is to be quiet and listen to the experiences of those who have been under the thumb of Anglo-American imperialism now for hundreds of years, and so rather than pontificating on this subject myself, I refer my readers to places where they can get the straight dope. On occasion I might have something to add from the only perspective I can lend, but oftentimes the blogs I list say what I’m thinking better and more effectively.

I may change my own emphasis at some point in the future, but for now I am deeply involved in writing poetry and autobiography from the point of view of whatever it is that I am (transsexual female-to-something-vaguely-masculine, socially and psychologically maladjusted and addicted to things best left unmentioned, inarticulate in anything but raging against the machine in my own way, white person usually taken for a guy. Mainly. I think.) so that is probably what most of my writing will be for the next little while. Except that I do have have a couple of stories to relate but not in this post.

The above links will eventually move over to the list. I just wanted to record them here so I could close some tabs because they were getting entirely out of hand.

3 thoughts on “more blogs what to read”

  1. I probably could go through your blog leaving a little comment on every post, but I’ll just leave this one more and say, thanks, this is good to have. sometimes I feel like I never get to read as much as I want to, but at least I have some road signs pointing me in good directions.

  2. Thanks, minx. You are welcome to leave as many comments as you want! As you can see, I don’t get too many yet. And yes the reading does go on forever. I’ve begun to consider selling off portions of my book collection because at this point I fear I have more books than I will live long enough to read or re-read, as the case may be. But actually choosing which ones to let go of is agonizing! “What if I teach again–I might need this! What if I need a quote for an essay–I’d have to go to the library!”

    Impossible. But the price for used CDs just dropped dramatically, so I might have to bite the bullet and discard at least the ones that I disliked enough the first time through never to want to refer to them again ever. I hope there are more than five like that. :)

  3. I’ve been using a bit to purge. I’ve given up on reading everything I own before I’m dead, and I’ve almost given up on paring down my stash any further. For me it’s not so much a worry about references as it is I have this gut-level anguished “someone took my baby” overreaction to giving away my remaining books. It’s not worth the extra medication.

    After getting a ph.d I just know you can find some unbearable books, I do! By the way, I am once again astonished and impressed by your ability to get through school. Only two semesters of a significantly less difficult master’s program and I thought I was going to become permanently disabled again. Feeling better now, though, what with a pending lithium adjustment :D

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