Today I slept through my own showtime but as I mentioned in LJ yesterday, I am going to try to start my Mission Street poetry series this weekend, weather permitting–meaning tomorrow night if it doesn’t rain so hard as to disintegrate the script.

The map below shows where I’ve decided might be good place to stand and read to the air on a weekend evening. The triangle describes the area bounded by the Make-Out Room, Doc’s Clock, and Foreign Cinema, where lots of people come to drink and eat most weekends when it is not hailing which is most of them but the Weather Underground says tomorrow night might not be a non-hailing night. That is, it might hail. But I might read anyway.

If you are in the neighborhood after about 9pm and before, I don’t know, midnight maybe, check out the three numbered spots indicated on the map: Wells Fargo at 22nd and Mission, Banco Agricola Comercial De El Salvador at 21st and Mission(I am only choosing banks because they have lights outside at night. Wells Fargo even has an atrium that maybe I won’t get rousted out of if I need to stay dry. Sleeping there is a crime; I’m not sure whether reading poetry is or not–after tomorrow it might be), or just outside of Mike’s Liquor and Groceries kitty corner from the Banco.

If you see me, try not to make me giggle. Poetry is serious stuff!!

2 thoughts on “venue”

  1. It was fun! Scary at first but I liked listening to myself read. Am I a narcissist..? Ah who cares.

    If it isn’t pouring down rain, I’ll be out next weekend too. And the next, and the next, etc. Why wait to read one piece to 30 people at an open mic when you can just walk right outside and read all your stuff to no one. You know?

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