I swear I posted on the third, fourth and fifth–or was it the third, fifth and sixth?–I managed to miss a 24-hour day in there somewhere by living a 36-hour day which included staying up for 24 hours before taking a very long nap but um this is not my personal journal so I do not mean to be diarying here just explaining that see my web host was doing a migration and somewhere in the interstices between servers three of my posts for NaBloPoMo slipped away into dust or whatever it is that bits become when they cease to be.

or, um, wherever they go when they all get zeroed out. I guess they resolve into non-difference then although I imagine it could be argued that the circuits in which the zeroed data used to exist still remain as heterogeneous surfaces or objects although I know it is not meant to be made of more than one or two things but still there is no such thing as repetition or there is no such thing as an identical instance of zero.

mathematicians will argue with that but I am not meaning to look at zero as a defined entity or a defined non-entity but just an instance and instances never repeat although they do cycle through. the circle is a spiral but it is not headed anywhere. it does not spiral up, for instance. nor does it spiral down, left, right, south, north, east or west. I would say it spirals in place but spiraling instances do not stay in places.

but so rather than try to remember exactly what I said to introduce the work that I posted on those three days now lost unless I hack my blog which I could but why bother—I have already missed two days so I am not up for the prize, whatever that is—but rather reproduce them from non-existent memory I am going to write this one post where I include the pieces that motivated the original posts with this here new introduction.

I am not sure what order I did these in although if I thought about it I could figure it out but again it really is not necessary to do that because the order in which they were posted the first time around does not matter terribly.

thus the first thing I remember that I lost was the piece of text pasted below this paragraph. it is not really a cut up so much as a slightly idiosyncratic way of arranging words on the screen.

sh   up   se   a mar   n   r sa   xer   us   f th   t we
ar   ho   t d   i   ot   i   siz   e   e lo   r
d   l   ow   g   h   d tak   e d   a th   g   e a
      d   n w   ol      i   e a go   id i   on   ic   n it
dr      it   d f   ng oc   o   t fee   e tha   al st   e
a   eas   h d   o   c   d lon   l so f   t on   u   m fro
p   y ch   u   r sa   urs t   g   or   l   pi      m th
ery   ai   e car   tur   o m   lo   ma   y t   di   a
      r   e   n   e a   ok yo   l   hre   t   t ne
c         's d   lon   u ma      e p   y   ws t
ons   a h   oh d   ay h   e bu   y ne   ma'   m co   !   he
id   ous   on   e w   t a   ver s   a   uld ra      y c
e   e car   '   as ju   lwa   ee   m spe   ise fr   t   all
r   ve   t b   s   ys i   a   ll   o   hi   da
      d fro   e s   t p   n co   n   e   m t   s i   i
it   m t   hy i   ass   nce   yt   d t   h   s i   ly
was   he roc   t i   i   rt   hi   h   e dea   sl
bel   k cl   s on   ng t      ng lik   e o   d   a   d
ow   if   ly a   hro   c   e thi   ld-f      n   o n
ze   fs   sc   u   a   s ag   ash   t   d's e   o
ro      ho   gh   lml   ai   io   h   nd d   t mi
t   do w   olb      y c   n I cou   ned wa   e ta   esc   sta
h   e l   us th   st   ol   ld no   y n   l   e   k
e fir   i   a   o   lec   t im   o n   e o   nd e   e m
st ti   ve o   t s   p i   te   ag   o   f n   arl   e fo
me   n th   me   t yo   d I he   i   t th   at   y   r a vi
th   e   e   ll o   u a   a   ne th   at k   ure      s
e   art   f die   re d   r "va   a   ind o   's ol   doe   ua
col   h o   se   estr   rs   t w   f for   d te   s i   l pu
d   r i   l i   o   hig   ere so   m   sti   t m   n i
es   n t   n th   yi   la   .   a   m   a   t i
t I   he ear   e a   ng th   " in t   i   l   on   tte   s no
'd   th   fte   e lo   he r   t m      y bef   r wha   t s
y      rn   g th   ad   ay h   he w   or   t I p   o mu
et   wh   oo   e lo   i   ave   as r   e i   ut h   ch t
bee   y i   n hea   gic   o ann   be   eb   t wa   er   h
n m   f i   t fi   a   o   en   orn wi   s a tr   e or c   at I c
y   t wa   lle   l hu   unc   th   th st   u   an an   ar
mot   s n   d hi   mi   e   e ve   rip   e c   yt   e h
h   ot mea   m wit   li   rs v   r   es o   rim   hin   o
er whe   nt t   h t   at   o   y   n hi   e   g   w i
n my   o b   hat s   io   ic   las   s   ba      be a   t l
mo   e a fo   pec   n in fa   e as t   t ti   c   zi   n e   o
t   rm   ia   v   ho   m   k   ppe   xcu   ok
he   al e   l na   or o   ugh i   e.   .   r   se?   s.

the day after I posted that I think I posted a link to a particular flickr photo set and a few sample images, but I may get the sample images different this time. but the photo set still contains the photos that it did before so you can go and find your favorite ones and make them into incredibly distracting wallpaper or however else you might enjoy them. here are a few to get an idea. clicking on any of these will also take you to the flickr set:






and then on the third day I spent nearly all night or day or whenever it was that I was awake—I lose track because at the moment I am sleeping whenever I feel like and getting out of bed every time the thought of coffee lures me from my sleeping bag. yes I sleep in a sleeping bag on top of a blanket on top of a piece of foam on top of a futon cover on top of a futon. I prefer being surrounded on all sides by cover.

but that has nothing to do with this (click to see a very very large version. very large. very. I mean unless you have a really big monitor and a fast connection it is going to be bigger than you can do much with).

raw material
raw material

so there are those posts back. I am not sure whether I have posted “today” because I took a brief nap very early this morning and now I am not sure if it is a new day although the calendar is fairly clear that it is but the calendar and I do not check up on each other very often.

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