what to say

so it seems that my last two posts have disappeared from my database during a web host migration to a different server. I would go into some trouble to track down a backup but I think I can re-do them a little later but first I must post today’s piece.

this started out as an unremarkable piece of ascii art which for just a moment became something kind of interesting but I ruined it and by that time I was out of undo’s and recreating it from scratch would have been a waste of time so I kept working at but it was unsalvageable once I passed a certain point so I finally deleted almost all of it and made this from the little bit I kept, which is not ascii art as it now contains utf-8 characters although that doesn’t matter since it isn’t text at this point.

I am not yet certain if I like it or not or if it was successful in any way but I did try something completely absurd and ended up with something completely unrelated to my first idea and looking good enough that I dare to post it.

it’s a bit minimalistic. it might help to download it and look at it against a darker background. perhaps I should have created a dark border for it. perhaps I will. not right now, though.

hours of work:

what to say
what to say

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