can I break in front of you?

this is a placeholder post.

it is sunday morning for me so I have all day but it will only be the last day in November for a couple more hours in my time zone so this is the last post of November but I am not sure yet what it is going to consist of.

there may be a picture of the undercarriage of the California Zephyr on display in Missoula MT. there may be a picture of something else. chances are it won’t look much like what I say it is.

accompanying this theoretical image might be something about how walking across the street in the crosswalk sometimes makes me feel like I am untouchable but at other times it occurs to me that the painted lines on the pavement would be no match for a driver who just decided to run over me for whatever reason or it might be something about how it is that people often do not understand the experiences of others until you get them to push a little past their own personal knowledge regarding an assumption that they always thought was natural and normal or it might have something to do with the question of choice and freedom when it comes to the socially mediated signs in which we find our bodily experience embedded: the idea that “socially constructed” is equivalent to or even implies “chosen voluntarily by ourselves as free agents” has no ground in the arguments about social construction themselves but is the result of an assumption one brings to those arguments.

or it might be something entirely new whose subject or at least vocabulary I have not yet dreamed up.

in any case, it probably won’t be formulated until sometime after the end of the month occurs calendarwise, so here is its placeholder in time, sitting back in November even after this November is over for good.

2 thoughts on “can I break in front of you?”

  1. Ah… lightbulb going off… gender signifiers are the crosswalk and I’m not walking inside its illusion of safety…

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