my life in public restrooms

This is the story of a man who subscribed to more social networking websites than he could keep up with. Two months without an Official Blog Post! The blog-a-day spirit of November didn’t even last me through the month of November. What are we to do?

I suppose a post might be a good place to start. This is me reading an excerpt from my autobiography, which is still in the making and will probably remain that way for at least a few more years. First though, in case anyone reading this does not already know, I will soon have a published volume of, um, prosetry out, from a real publisher. That is all I am going to make public here, though. It should be out by the end of the year I think but I am not certain. Any more and I will jinx the whole thing so details will be forthcoming just not now.

Here, though, is a video to point and stare at:

6 thoughts on “my life in public restrooms”

  1. What I am curious about is how does someone know the occupant on the other side wants to utilize the hole? Is this where the “wide stance” signal comes in? How does one decide who is the receiver? How do you ask for a condom to be used?

    I find this all very facinating. :)

  2. @Loli

    I wish I knew the answer to those questions myself! This bathroom only has two stalls, though, so there is no place to discreetly observe the, um, transactions. Well, that and the building manager finally decided to lock the door so that only people associated with departments on that floor could use it. Apparently this cuts the traffic down considerably.

  3. i dunno, erik — i think glasses, and the putting-on and taking-of thereof, are kind of hot. maybe i should saw “hawt,” revealing that i read way too much online writing. *g* so thank you for letting us see you take them off. :)

    i went into a men’s room a couple of weeks ago. the girl at borders that i fancy watched the door for me, so i could wash my hands. the ladies’ room attendant screws up the soap machine time after time. but it’s ok. it gives me something to talk to that girl about. yay!

  4. oh, shucks. read that: maybe i should SAY. i see there’s no edit function. now anyone happening across this will assume i’m illiterate. (my favorite PSA of all time: “Illiterate? Write for free help.”)

  5. @vicki

    I think most people on the internet know a typo from illiteracy. Ain’t a one of us haven’t hit the wrong key at one time or another. But I know you like to worry. :)

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