Reduction–a video with script

I keep forgetting to blog. I am going to try to stop forgetting and do things like this more often instead: here is a video of me reading a new, um, thing, currently entitled “Reduction.” Below the frame you’ll see the actual words to the reading part, not the rambling introduction part. I suggest not reading them until after you have listened to it as this piece, more than others, is quite different when read aloud than when read on the page, unless you somehow intuit what I am doing here and know exactly how to adjust your intonation.

If by chance this turns out to be true, I’d appreciate a comment or an email that explains in great detail what I am doing because after writing this I found there were a few passages whose raison d’ĂȘtre I had forgotten. Not that that matters terribly, but since I wrote it I’d kind of like to understand a little more about why which word went where.

I hope you enjoy it whether or not you can figure out whatever there is to figure out. I do think it is entirely possible to enjoy it without knowing precisely what is going on in it.

Here’s what I’m reading:


justice ruined dinner
sugar drained
tricked guileless diagnosis sings
bad news glistens a glancing blow
diatomaceous earth
blood red dear
melon drop shore bright ischemic

restive lettuce mowed down

propane adds mitt to imagined mom enteric
risk stammering gestation instead
bed sorely rests legions is interrogative trade
garish and cruel

I suggest tethered rather studiously
moping leisure
Dick Tracy photo graphite melody
its rule appalled but literally shored parallel quatrain
Sundays merled Tom or James can they play
not home today twenty feet or green glass straw pocket knife shin betrayed crowed the best guess. columnar pill steady ink line.

buy knot swayed
ester slim twined celts
entree bullet point exists swaddled armature best tear thin notice epoxy around sandpaper. dressing. bless you.

forested tall books shit doves fly elder and true
met at practice hall denied
bubbler fists nor shingle grins staples sat tied
all forced rhythm shop cured store hooded seasons shun soaked one
a price shorn by thread or steep shook reeks

another way for relay fling incensed
a hinge strangled over stray beds enough thrall is not manger
shift bereft might cup or owned device to obscure free rales
breath stalks mead in severed steppe all throw
hits begot collated without laughter
this pear in fear breaches a tide but when asunder intercranially
undead or doubletake leaning

forgone ten square irons showing bevy this winter crafty snow glint
isometry untied
the door? hulled two. “did you know.”
should fries thrown? how a sentience complies astride fifth shelf
mustangs conical trust for strong lists ants foam at muffler it’s said
storm tit melts

stranded by lesson treads on their ladled plinth
stalls at cost. levies pinked?
a horizon falls
ahoy weld transom mocked beehive true
notch shoes hutch coasts of view
ghosts of two
clutch hat trawlers

who seizes due menu
doubt strains in my throat
legionnaires unease watch bin rides sold itch tons
breastplate cracks about clamor angels slide
a brittle lesson half a centurion go hand on odor
brand honor wonder
hits myths trapeze he might go under

wardens yield worst dens batch world ends
sanded steams foreword stitch trembles leaves
holds sits cardigans terse chests
loosely show foreign vast I

swallowed keys monsoon reckons air clocked out
invest scripted auditions survey furlong
haldol they wons
rent paisley royalties
howl lung canister ritz hike hornets rest
eats gnarled posits riven pasttime
weaklings terry fundamental dictionaries
breathing slow shrill dead mill speaking
pastor herds

inch knuckle measurable hat chestnut water tank a boat
smilings thunder neat the lines orbit sheen glyphs
not dark show crash at metal pours indent wish in provoke
avoidance shot black widowed ice wish mardi gras entities
else sickled imperceptibly

once transduced even hen its ought there canned nautical hexagonal plane
rest meaning sinks elbow hiss scarred face
hesitant due is only this
hand this
poor this

respond to this

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