One Last Ditch: buy it, read it!

In case the plurality of images on this page has not alerted you to what the book looks like from the outside, here is a cropped version of the cover image:

One Last Ditch cover image

And to whet your taste:

jim broadcast. opt to descend

a trojan horse

“why did you watch it if you
did not like it.”
“I thought you liked it.”

you recall a term
for violet place settings. I
picked at a dried piece of yesterday’s
supper with my thumbnail.
that one trilled note piercing
surprised me the thrush
flapping out of my throat.

dismissed from sunday school
the latchkey carpenter
at loss as to
what to repent
his trail petered out dripping pitch
whose hollow scent would stick with you
fingered your collar
turned up in style
manual transmissions
spread southeast into
spanish moss and swampland.

how do you know the mosquito is not a vector
you’re not dead yet that’s how

and when your mother granted you birth
and you drew the short straw
amicably limned tincture of cedar and fir
and that sentinel sat up nights
a sight for lines or tents
your ice canoe
headed out
to skate on the underside of
“his eminence in exile”
“seattle lsd ’96′”


What’s been said about One Last Ditch so far?

“‘when Chicago was far enough/not to imagine or only to. which’
what an opening. heartbreaking and energizing— and strange. I am hooked.
— Michelle Taransky, Jacket Magazine

and a brief communiqué from Rae Armantrout, recipient of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for poetry:

” I just feel moved to say that Erik Schneider is really good.”

Given that she does not know me, I can only conclude that she was saying this in reference to One Last Ditch, a copy of which Lyn had just sent her.



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One Last Ditch is being graciously published by the Atelos publishing project.

Atelos was founded in 1995 as a project of Hip’s Road and is devoted to publishing, under the sign of poetry, writing that challenges conventional, limiting definitions of poetry.

All the works published as part of the Atelos project are commissioned specifically for it, and each is involved in some way with crossing traditional genre boundaries, including, for example, those that would separate theory from practice, poetry from prose, essay from drama, the visual image from the verbal, the literary from the nonliterary, and so forth.

The Atelos project when complete will consist of 50 volumes.

The project directors and editors are Lyn Hejinian and Travis Ortiz. The director for text production and design is Travis Ortiz; the director for cover production and design is Ree Katrak.

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