on tipping

For the time being the tip cup only leads here because WordPress has a thing about “commercial” blogs but it is hardly likely that leaving a few dollars in Erik’s tip cup will result in anything resembling a viable commercial enterprise. What he would like to suggest is simply to sign in at paypal and to enter his email address, eriktrips@gmail.com, into the requisite space on the “send money” page, and then you may send him a small token of your appreciation for whatever it is about what goes on here that leads you to believe that Erik deserves occasional compensation for the time he spends stewing at his desk.

It is true that Erik receives disability payments, but given that he lives in the United States, it is probably not a surprise to learn that they are not sufficient actually to sustain life in an urban area on the West Coast. Because he considers himself a writer above all, and because this is one of the places where he likes to exhibit his writing, he wants to give you a chance to vote with your pocketbook on something like the entertainment value or the provocation of thought–whichever you’d rather–that you find his blog and occasional other pursuits provide you from time to time. He appreciates the thought. For the record, most of the money goes to pay his therapist.

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