Creative Maladjustment Week is upon us…

Well there is this.

I was a little tired this week because I sometimes get a little tired when I am not getting a lot tired or if I am not busy containing freakout time into something manageable like trying to solve an insoluble problem with a computer or looking for the perfect used or new thing to go in the space I just cleared out in my room. (mythical space).

This morning I distracted myself from the nagging feeling of being still kind of tired and lacking enthusiasm for much by going out and getting some moving pictures into my camera. Now I can take some time and get them out of the camera and onto one hard drive or another.

After that.

Well after that I will sleep or I will stay up I have not decided yet but chances lean heavily toward sleep after 19:00 and it is well after that.

But given that I am about as maladjusted as they get and that all tangled up with that maladjustment–cause? effect? necessary but not sufficient condition? instinctual response to ongoing mortal threats? simple obsession? because obsession is always simple isn’t it?–is my outsized artistic ambition outsized that is for the extent that adjusting to maladjustment consumes the larger portion of my energy for the larger portion of my waking hours. I do not really know what it does when I am asleep except that my dreams are often themselves arduous and complicated and I would give my front teeth for a week of dreamless sleep.

That’s seven nights of dreamless sleep and seven days of bouncing around with useful energy in between, not seven days and nights sleeping straight through the whole time.

So it is our week I see. I say we because no matter how you look at it I is plural.

Maybe what to do will reveal itself with morning coffee. In the morning. It is way too late to be drinking coffee now if sleep is what I am after this evening.

Everything Matters

creative maladjustmentCreative Maladjustment Week Introduction Video. Who are the creatively maladjusted among us? How can we celebrate their courage and diversity? Answer: Join us in celebrating Creative Maladjustment Week: July 7th through the 14th, 2013. Where? Anywhere in the world. Gather friends and family or just find a way to express yourself personally. See our web site to find out more.

See our Facebook page and let us know how you intend to non-violently express your creative maladjustment.

Visit the website: Creative Maladjustment Week

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