giving in to convention

So I thought about it for a little while and decided that I could capitalize the sentences on the longer, denser parts of undiagnosed without totally compromising my artistic integrity.

There are so many things wrong with that sentence I am not sure where to begin but I do realize that pretty much every part of undiagnosed is dense and long and I do not hold a great deal of reverence for “artistic integrity” not least because I mostly have no idea what the phrase refers to in its usual contexts and also I have no desire or energy to supply it with a coherent referent in this context here probably because integrity may not be salvageable in the linguistic communities I belong to and I may think good riddance to that so why devote much more effort to it.

But so what I decided then was something like I could capitalize those sentences that appeared to me to be sentences in the last two pieces I put up at undiagnosed and still like how they read. I will admit to a bit of compromise and if I ever were to have the opportunity to print undiagnosed as a book I might uncapitalize the sentences I just capitalized because once it is in print I am a little less concerned as to whether it is readable.

Well actually I am ambivalent about whether or not I want the sentences capitalized and so as long as I am not absolutely sure they must be done one way or the other I figure I might as well make them a bit more readable now since ultimately I do want readers and I do think what I am writing might be worthwhile for someone out there to read or parts of it at least and I do not want to purposely throw up obstacles to reading without a really good reason and I am not sure my reasons are all that good or even all that clear even to me. That is I know why I have not been capitalizing most sentences but I am not myself convinced that it is a necessary method for doing what I am trying to do.

That is there might be other methods that work just as well or it may be that I do not need other methods or the no-capitals method. We will see.

So a bit friendlier, here:
stalking feet
covert citizenship in the land of one thousand dances
I am however fairly certain I do not want to capitalize the titles.

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