page two is page one

I have been working on this drawing for a couple of days which I do not know if it really excuses me from not posting for two days but there it is. I have also been sleeping. I sometimes sleep for hours and days on end.

This is page two which is really page one of the book I showed you page one of the other day (that page is really about page 9—I opened the book to a random page to start). With this one I took a very soft pencil and tried a few different ways of following the paper itself which I may have mentioned is a very coarse handmade paper and so it invites you to follow it, sometimes rather strongly and sometimes very subtly. I am still trying to write without writing anything but even this seems to suggest certain things to the pattern-seeking brain and so it may be that writing without writing about anything is something one cannot actually ever show to anyone else.

This page I coated in acrylic sealer after I was finished writing so it is semi-translucent in spots. I ended up laminating it to the page underneath not accidentally but not with a great deal of aesthetic forethought. I think together they turned out fine but you cannot really tell that you can see through them on the scanner.

This is a thumbnail that leads to an image just under 1000px wide:

page two page one pencil on oiled paper
page two page one pencil on oiled paper

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