I have moved moved my blog to wordpress for the time being which means until that happy day in the remote recesses of the future when I have time to learn everything I want to learn including php enough to quickly and deftly write spam filters to keep the spamobots from filling my database with garbage. oh I suppose I probably could have found a set of filters somewhere out there in php land but I always feel like the time I spend figuring out somebody else’s code would be better spent writing my own. the difficult thing for me to do, of course, is decide exactly which I should do and so first I will spend several days waffling.

I’m trying not to do that anymore.

for now I’m going to migrate the last few blogbound posts from livejournal but depending on the status of my free time in the next coupla days I’ll move all the old posts over here too but that will take some work, most of it of the tedious copy/pasting sort, so it might not go very quickly. in the meantime the old blog is still available for viewing at of course, there are no comments over there, but you can still look at the pretty pictures, which I will also eventually migrate over here. it took me all day just to tweak the style sheet so that things looked halfway integrated with the rest of my site.

who knows. maybe I’ll get more readers now. you know, like more than two.

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